Monday, July 1, 2013

Week #2

Bon tarde! (Good afternoon)

I love the MTC! I'm so sick of the food, though. It's driving me crazy! I ran a mile and a half yesterday (yay me!). I was proud.
Definitely still working on patience. Sempre (that means always). Especially with myself. There were a couple of days where I seriously couldn't understand anything and I was so frustrated! It was really hard to feel the spirit but then I remembered that I've only been here two weeks!
We taught our last lesson with Henrique this week and he agreed to come to church with his mom! It was awesome. Then yesterday we found out Henrique is actually Brother Cannon, our new teacher. Because here at the MTC the teachers take on the role of investigators that they actually taught in the mission field. He showed us a picture of the real Henrique from Brazil. I loved it. Brother Cannon is a really good teacher and I'm excited to learn more from him.
On Friday we met a Sister from Brazil! Every Friday now we're going to get together with her and teacher her English and she's going to teach us Portuguese. I'm so excited! She's going to temple square on her mission. Saturday we taught each other the first lesson about the restoration (in English, which I was grateful for) and I was writing out my plan and I just felt like I needed to stop writing and try it without notes. What an experience! I'm so glad I listened to the prompting because the lesson went much better than I expected! The spirit was so strong, and the picture on the cover of the panfleto (pamphlet) was a picture of Christ holding a lamb. It's called "The Lost Lamb" and I was just overcome with this incredible feeling of love as I pictured myself in the arms of my Savior. Completely turned my day around! It was wonderful.
Yesterday was one of the Elder's birthday and we all made him little birthday cards and drew on the board. He loved it! He was cracking up while reading our notes. So great.
We also got another investigator yesterday. His name is Victor (Brother Cannon) and we just had to go knock on the door and hope he lets us in. Like tracting.  We didn't take any notes either and we had like no time to prepare! It was so scary but we just prayed really hard. It was difficult to understand what he was saying but he wants to come to church and be baptized! After he learns more about the gospel, of course, but he was just so awesome and the spirit was so strong. Its amazing how much you can say. More than I ever imagined I knew how to say in Portuguese! The gift of tongues is awesome!!!!!! We meet our other investigator, Flavia, tomorrow.
I absolutely love this work so much. Like yesterday just made me so happy. I know that this is 100% what I'm supposed to be doing and I have fun doing it! It's really not that stressful for me. It's fun and I love when the investigator just understands something or the spirit is strong and you can tell they just feel love and they just know it's right. I hope it's a lot like that in the real mission field haha. I'm sure I'll have hard days.

Com amor,
Sister Clark

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