Photos from Brazil

She loves this berry
This is Gadupe

At Gadupe

The pools at Gadape

The Acai berry

Making Acai

This little boy fell asleep while eating cake
At the Fair

feeling sick after the rides

Rita's Baptism

Sister Clark with Rita
She said they were going to eat it

Pooh or Puff?

Mission Tour
Sister Oliveira's last day


Chacos died in Brasil

Irma Hozana

Irma Elica. She gave me a pair of shoes for free from her store

Leaving on The Lancha

The Lancha again

Sister Sister Fontineles, Sister Vivas and Sister Silva

This is Janaina, she will be serving a mission on Temple Square in Salt Lake
At the Church

Look at all these beautiful Brazilian Sister Missionaries and one cute little American

Where they catch the boats to go to Zone meetings
The Party
The Amazon Forest in the background

Her companion Sister de Jesus

This is Lolo and she likes to wear my glasses

Lolo with the Sisters

A member painted my nails, haha
Sister Mendoza

The Tapajos River

Her Chacos are breaking apart. They have to last 11 more week
Caju (cashew) Nasty fruit, but she likes the juice

Rhony and Raiara

Elder Terenciani

Elder Bravo

Sister Salazar

Sister Rodriquez

Sister Texeira

Where the rivers split Tapajos and Amazon

A baptism
Hanging out in her hammock

Birthday party surprise

having a meal in her house

a cow just laying in front of someones door

morning exercise

On the Lancha

a really big hat

birthday party

morning exercises

the Cheese Balls from Tucanos

Teaching English

Speaking on the radio

The Acai Berries
On the boat

The coconuts
Sister Companions.

a Little puppy

Cutest little girl


in the hammock (hede)

um, gross

whatever she is eating it is in her teeth, haha
this is a fish she ate and she said it was actually pretty good

She was afraid of this bird, Lol
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A random Cemetery

Um I can't get in Elders

Somewhere in Ohio
One of her favorite families from Huber Heights, they moved

cute kids
Amish Buggy

Not sure what this is

At the Temple
some cute kids

With Tiffany
At the Church Valentines Party
The Chalkboard they left a message on

A sweet Cardinal

A big snowbank

I think she has a new name tag in english

a Brazilian drink
Tiny tree

A cool old church in Dayton

A lot of presents


Her and Sister Loder
Taylor with companion

Out in the snow

Shoveling snow in a dress
Taylor and Sister Hicken
Fun Day, Zone Day

cute little pumpkins
I think this is a transfer day
After stacking a lot of hay

The Hay Girl

This is a nice picture of Taylor with her companion and a family they have been teaching

Little baby pumpkin
This little girl is so cute

The Girls Kate and Corie at their baptism

Singing in the rain
She would find a goat to pet

A really big slide. Are you allowed to do that? haha
Jackie with Taylor at the Ohio Temple

Jackie's Baptism day

Everybody has a goose that they dress up, haha
This is a little town called Dublin

This is a fan they won in some kinds of contest against the Elders

Sister Jensen saying goodbye

Sister Jensen's transfer day

What a big group of Sister Missionaries!!

The cute girl in the polka dot dress is Delores. Doesn't she look happy?

They bought matching bags at Targer

Sister Clark at the Falls

Here is a nice spider. Looks like a Banana Spider to me

In a cave at the Falls
I don't know what this is a building?

Here is a cute bug, it might be a fire fly

Here she is in front of a corn field
The Flag

The District

The other Elder Clark

Here is Taylor with her Companions

Cute Sister Missionaries
Bryce and Taylor
Taylor with Bryce and Jordyn. They dropped her off today
Bryce trying not to cry
Taylor meeting her host for the Missionary Training Center

the Trio companship

A big map

Look it's Hannah

Who is this boy?

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