Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week #3

Ola Mae!

I'm singing the national anthem, maybe, on the 4th for the whole MTC. Scary!!!
Well this week went by so fast! We had TRC on Thursday for the first time. I love TRC! Basically what we do is knock on a random door and we share a message with a member who just volunteers at the MTC and speaks Portuguese. Best thing ever! We went in with no notes and it really is amazing how much you can say. We taught a man probably around dad's age who lost his job so now he just volunteers at the MTC with his wife. He is so nice! We spent most of the time just chatting and talking about ourselves and we taught him about the importance of prayer and asked if he would make an effort to pray every night and morning with his family. Then we asked him to pray and it was so powerful! He prayed for our safety and for our visas and it was the sweetest thing ever. The spirit was so strong.
So we have two investigators Victor and Flavia. Flavia is such a challenge! She doesn't get the importance of religion at all and doesn't believe in God or have any faith. We've had two lessons with her so far and both have been a bust. We just can't figure her out! So we've decided that we need to show her that she can trust us because it seems like she's just putting on a front, so tomorrow we teach her and we're just going to go in with questions and talk about ourselves and build a relationship. It's what we've been needing to do all along it's just so hard with a language barrier. We did commit Victor to baptism though and now we're just powering through the lessons because he knows so much already. It's a really neat experience. We taught him the first lesson on the restoration yesterday and the spirit was so strong. Loved it! And we did it without notes!!!
Sunday was awesome. I live for Sundays! Every Sunday we have to prepare a talk because they just pick you at the beginning of sacrament meeting so you have to be prepared. It's so scary! So our district leader Elder Poaletti was like " I hope they don't call on me because I didn't have time to write a talk." I knew they would pick him though, hehe, and he got up there and said maybe 2 words in English! It was incredible. He gave such a good little talk. They only have to be 3-5 minutes.
It was 104 degrees on Sunday when we walked to the temple. It was so bad. Way too hot. Our poor Elders were dying and soon as all the sister got back to our classroom we turned on the fan and just sat in front of it trying to cool and dry ourselves off. Too much information? I don't know what I'm going to do in Brazil!
Sherri Dew spoke to us in Relief Society! I love her. And we had the new Brazil MTC President talk to us at devotional that night. Sundays are the best! We get to watch a movie too at night and we watched Legacy. The one about the pioneers. So cheesy. So good.
Last Tuesday we had such a good devotional! I sang in the choir and then the lady who wrote like 10 songs in the primary song book including a child's prayer spoke and she sang us some songs and we sang with her and it was just so cute. She also wrote As Sisters in Zion and she rewrote a version of it for sister missionaries and so she arranged a NEW medley like the EFY one but with the new sisters in Zion and we all sang it together and when it was the elders' turn they all stood up together it was so powerful! I was crying like a baby. You'll have to look up the lyrics or see if you can find the music or something. It's so great!
Last night in class we talked about the importance of listening to our investigators and teaching people, not lessons. Which is something we've been struggling with a little bit and the spirit was so strong in that classroom. It just felt so peaceful and comforting. I absolutely love my district and I absolutely love this work.
I know that this church is true with all of my heart and I'm so happy for the opportunity I have to spread the gospel, something that has blessed me and made me so happy in life, to people who really truly need it. It's just amazing!
Te amo, Mae!
Sister Clark

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