Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week #5

Hey momma!
This week was so awesome. We had the best speakers for Tuesday and Sunday devotional. We are now investigators and we teach other missionaries in my district. It is so fun being an investigator because I've gained a lot of insight and how it feels when the missionaries are not teaching to my needs. It's an awesome experience. I feel like my Portuguese is getting better and better but I'm definitely for sure not fluent yet. I think in the MTC there's only so far you can go. I just need to get down to Brazil and be surrounded by it! I can't believe this is my last week here at the MTC! It's so surreal and exciting because I need to get out of here haha. I said goodbye to Hannah on Sunday. She's in Chile now!
So our tough investigator, Flavia, totally had a change of heart the other day in our lesson and she prayed! It was so wonderful and she really loves reading the scriptures and said she never thought of God being our loving Heavenly Father. She always thought he was mean and strict but she totally changed her mind! It seriously is a miracle. Then we invited her to church and she was like "one thing at a time" haha it was funny but she said she'd think about it!
2 Elders in our zone got reassigned to the Everett Washington mission! I was so excited and told them all about it. They're super excited. A couple of missionaries got their visas, though, so the process is moving a little faster. Speaking of visas.... Sister Sender, my companion, got hers yesterday. And so did 2 Elders in our district. 2 went through the DC consulate and 1 went through Houston. Do you know which one I went through? Apparently DC and Atlanta are golden. Sister Sender is so excited and nervous and she leaves on Monday! I'm so excited for her to get down there and get to work. I have this feeling that I"m going to get reassigned. But I'm really okay with it. I've just been thinking that there's not a lot of Portuguese missions here in the U.S. and maybe the only way Heavenly Father can reach those people is by reassigning some missionaries for a while. And I was talking to a guy that works here at the MTC who got reassigned the first 2 months of his mission and he said they were the best 2 months for his mission and that if the Lord wanted me to have my visa right now, I would have it. Which is so true because he can move mountains, if he wanted me to have my visa I'd have it. I'm just meant to serve others right now and that's totally okay. I'm actually excited to get to teach in English! I feel like I can speak more from my heart. But I could still get my visa this week. You never know! The suspense is killing me!
We're hosting tomorrow! Which means I get to pick up a new missionary on the curb. I'm way excited. This morning we got to clean the temple! The Provo Temple is closed for 6 weeks for cleaning and our district got signed up to go help! And we got to clean the crystal on the chandeliers in their biggest sealing room. It was so incredible because they take each piece off of the chandelier clean each individual piece and then we got to start reassembling it. It took 3 hours! And we only got halfway done. But it was amazing and we got to go see the Bride's room, which is absolutely gorgeous.
I'll have another p-day before I leave either on Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday. I'll know when I get reassigned so I'll shoot you a quick email to let you know. Keep praying for my visa! But be okay with the reassignments because it really is what the Lord wants. It doesn't mean I'm not prepared for Brazil or don't have enough faith or anything like that. I really would feel honored to get the opportunity to bless my country before I bless Brazil.
 I love being on a mission. It's the best thing ever and there are hard days but mostly I just feel so much love for everyone and I feel so much love from my Heavenly Father. It's kind of odd to see how much I've changed just in the past 6 weeks. I wish I would have been reading my scriptures my whole life! Oh my gosh they're such a blessing. I've been so selfish with my time before my mission.
Te amo! A igreja e verdadeiro!
Sister Clark

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