Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week #4

Boa tarde! Como vao?
This week went by so fast! Can you believe I've been here for a month already?! I'll be heading out to Brasil in just 2 semanas! I am telling myself I'm not getting reassigned. A sister in our zone got her visa last night. There's hope.
I had such a great week! Tuesday devotional talked about what it means to be a real missionary and each day, whether good or bad, makes us strong. It really hit me that night that I am a REAL missionary. How did I even get to this point? I'm literally in awe everyday. I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I bare, on my little plaquetta, the name that conquers fear. I came into the MTC Believing in this gospel and I am going to come out truly converted.
Wednesday I sang the national anthem for the MTC President and his wife. I was SO scared! But it sounded good I think. They didn't have enough time to put it in the 4th of July program, though. Oh well I wasn't upset. We taught Flavia Wednesday night and decided to go in with pictures of our families and talk about ourselves. She pointed out the "Clark nose". I was cracking up. Then we asked her if she knew why we were there teaching her and she had no idea. We told her our purpose and she totally opened up! It has been so hard to figure out what she needs but we had the best lesson ever! We spent most of the time just answering her questions. I loved it!
The 4th of July was great! We decorated our classroom and sang songs about America. Brother Cannon made me sing for the class. I started too high because I was so nervous! I don't know why I was nervous, but it didn't sound terrible. Some Elders who were in the hall heard it and told me I had a very pretty voice. We got out of class early that night for a program and we Had a little mini devotional and then we got to watch 17 Miracles!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited. This sister next to me was crying the entire movie, bless her heart. After the movie we got ice cream bars and watched the fireworks from Stadium of fire. My comps and I went to our room because we had a better view and the fireworks were awesome! We just talked about life and it was great. It made me miss home a lot, though. And we didn't go to bed til almost midnight! Never doing that ever again. I was exhausted the next morning.
Friday we taught Victor about the Plan of Salvation and used this awesome puzzle that one of the Elders has. It's the coolest thing ever. And we had a thunder and lightning storm! Pretty exciting. Friday night we discussed the importance of inspired question and teaching the people, not lessons. We learned that it's so much better to have a conversation than to spit information out at them and we practiced that last night with each other. It was a neat experience.
I bore my testimony in church on Sunday! In Portuguese! I was so scared but I did it, and it was just simple but I needed to do it. I felt the spirit so strongly. We were taught in devotional later that night to be bold but be humble. Learning Portuguese has been a very humbling experience. I love it. I wouldn't ask for anything different.
Oh this is funny: So there's this Brazilian sister who comes and talks to us every Friday night so we can speak with a native and we're also teaching her and her companion English and one of the Elders is in love with her. It's hilarious. He's like, she's flawless! It cracks me up!

 I can't wait to get out of the MTC and start teaching people! Plus I'm seriously so over this food. It makes me sick every time I eat it. I've lost 6 pounds since I've been in here. Oh also next week we get to clean the temple! It takes 3 1/2 hours... but I'm excited!!!

 Te amo!
Sister Clark

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