Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week #1

Hi mae! That means mom. Boa tarde! That means good afternoon. 
I am doing so good! Don't worry about me at all. I absolutely love it here. The spirit is so strong. It It did not feel real at first. The first day kind of felt like EFY honestly and it was weird to think I'm not going home in a week. But I haven't been homesick. It's weird. I don't miss my phone, fb, instagram, pinterest, or anything. Sometimes I miss swimming and I miss all of you of course but I am not sick for home. This is where I need to be and I don't want to leave. My district is amazing. They call us the golden district because all we do is study. The leaving district passed on the Brazilian flag to us because they like us so much. Other districts are kind of crazy and some of the elders tried to come in and talk to us and they were being really obnoxious and all of us were just like seriously you need to leave we're trying to study. We've loosened up a bit since then but we're all really hard workers. We take little breaks to talk to each other and get to know each other. Elder Poaletti is our district leader and he reminds me so much of Robert. He is such a good missionary. I have two companions and I'm senior companion. But only because my last name comes first in the alphabet haha. Being in a trio is hard! It take so much time to all agree and to plan. One of my companions is Sister Sender from Ohio and she was the one I met in my mission prep class. We get along so well! Sister Garner is from Rexburg and she's a little more quiet and soft spoken but she is so sweet. I love them both! It's definitely teaching my patience, though. A LOT of patience. We've already taught 3 lessons to our investigator Henrique (en-he-kee) in Portuguese. We were so scared the first time, we had no idea what he was saying but it actually went well. Yesterday we taught him how to pray and it was so cute. The spirit was so strong. We also taught him how to say 11:45 and goodbye in English. 11:45 is when we teach him tomorrow. The gift of tongues is real mom. I can pray and bear my testimony and understand a lot of Portuguese and it's only day 6? I absolutely love Portuguese, it's so pretty. Sometimes when I write I'll automatically write Portuguese. It's pretty awesome. I see Hannah and Alayna sometimes and other people from our BYU ward and I just saw Cory this morning! They are all doing well. A girl from my BYU Ward  is also in my district. We had never met each other before haha. Sisters Garner and Sender are runners so I've been trying my best to keep up! Also, tell dad I'm going easy on the food haha but it's much better than cannon food! Also, you'll be happy to hear that it's not that hard for me to wake up.
What Andrea wrote was so sweet! Tell her I miss her and her family! Also tell Sister Metge thank you, her prayers are not going to waste.
I heard the visa situation should be resolved by July, but we'll see. Some missionaries have gotten them. But I heard that reassignment is totally by inspiration so it's like getting a second mission call. Like, the apostles reassign you, so that's kind of cool. A few missionaries from the zone have gotten visas. I also heard that if you're reassigned, you'll always find someone to teach in Portuguese. How cool would that be?!
The MTC gets to attend the worldwide broadcast next Sunday with the prophet and apostles in the Marriott so look for me on TV!

Well that's all for now. I love it here mom. The spirit is so strong and my testimony has grown so much. I am beyond happy. I can't even describe how happy this gospel makes me. Everyone should go on a mission! It changes your life! I know this gospel is true, that Christ lives, and Heavenly Father loves me. I feel it everyday.
Com amor,
Sister Clark

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