Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week #38

Tell Sister Miller I miss her too! And Jackie! And Meta! And just everyone in Huber Heights! 

Well the beginning of the week was pretty good. We were super busy the first couple of days. We met an awesome lady who is a Jehovah's Witness. She's been disfellowshipped but is still pretty solid in her faith. But she let us in and wanted a Book of Mormon! So we delivered one to her on Friday. We also got in with a part member family. We're having dinner with them tonight! Tuesday we went up to Shelby, which is our most productive area and we were just so busy! We didn't get to half our plans because almost everyone we planned for was home. We met this awesome guy Tim who kind of reminds me of Brett. He wanted a Book of Mormon so we delivered one to him Tuesday night and he was super excited to read it. I'm excited to go back and teach him! We had dinner with our investigator Vickie who makes the best chili in the world. She's super solid and has a date for the 22nd. Her daughter isn't as sure and has a hard time with prayer so we addressed that concern this week. We'll see how it goes. 

Wednesday we met a less active that plays tennis! I'm going to play with her one p-day. She says there are some indoor courts around here. Woo hoo! Thursday we had Sister Specialized Training and we had to go alllll the way to Powell. We carpooled with some other sisters and I had to get permission to drive because Sister Hibbert doesn't know how to drive, Sister Openshaw got her license for her mission so she doesn't know how to drive either and Sister Hayford tore something in her knee. I was not going to risk my life haha. So we left bright and early and took a little unplanned detour and guess what? We saw two buggies!!!!!!!! Ahhh I love Amish people. I'm going to baptize one! Sisters Training was awesome. I got to see Sister Loder! I was counting down the days. I miss her! They focused a lot on mental and emotional health and overcoming trials.  But it was really good. I seriously feel like when I'm done with my mission, I will be unstoppable, because it's the hardest thing I think anyone can do. 

Oh cool thing: We had 100% member present as a whole zone for 4 weeks so we get to eat out with President and Sister Nilsen! Cheesecake Factory? That's my vote. Or we're going to see if they'll take us to Kirtland even though it's out of the mission. We're only like, 30 minutes away. I basically just got dropped in to the best zone in the mission. Pretty sweet. 

So pretty much nothing in the area book has been updated since October. Pretty frustrating so I'm teaching Sister Hibbert to write things down. Especially contact information!!! There are tons of potentials now lost because they weren't written down. That's I don't know how many of God's children, our brothers and sisters, that are now lost for the time being! Taking care of records is so important!

Last week at church we had about 120 people at church! Miracle! This week we had only about 70 but that's because it snowed. again. I had to teach Sister Hibbert how to drive in the snow. Pretty fun/scary. I love her she's so cute and just the sweetest person ever! We work really well together. 

So hopefully this week will be better and a little more productive. We get to go to the temple soon! Yay! 

Love you!
Sister Clark 

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