Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week #37

Hello mom!

Well I'm in Clear Fork, which is actually a reservoir, not a town. So that's just the name of the ward. It takes us 30 minutes to get to the church building. We cover Ontario, Mansfield, Shelby, Willard, Fairfield, Plymouth and I think some other town. The ward boundaries are crazy because they tried to make it so they could have some priesthood holders. Technically Clear Fork is a ward but it really should be a branch. It's so tiny! Well, the amount of active members is small. 2/3 of the ward is less active. Time to get to work! I don't want to baptize anyone until we can get the ward moving. There are TONS of part member families. The best! We have a set of elders here and a senior couple who work specifically with less actives so that's super helpful. Everyone in the ward is way nice and the Bishop is great. The building is so small, they don't even have pews. I guess that's one of the goals is get enough people coming that they can get pews

I spent most of Wednesday night saying goodbye to investigators. The Dowlers had a house fire and their whole house is gone! It's crazy so I wasn't able to say goodbye to them :( Sister Miller and Jackie took us out to dinner. It was a super weird feeling, the whole way to transfers I didn't feel like I was getting transferred! It's just so weird because I was in Huber Heights for such a long time. Friday morning I woke up and forgot that I was in Clear Fork. I literally had no idea where I was for a minute. I got a little homesick for Huber yesterday at church. I miss everyone so much! My family is back there and some of my best friends! 

Want to hear the greatest thing ever though? Clear Fork covers Amish country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be sending some Amish treats your way! We ate at an Amish restaurant and it was the best thing ever. Our area is so big it's ridiculous. A lot different than the Dayton area since Huber Heights was a city. Now we cover like 5 cities and it's a lot of driving. I'm teaching my companion how to drive. For real. She barely got her license when she was 18 and hasn't really driven since. So my new companion is Sister Hibbert! She's been out about 4 months and she's from Sugar City, Idaho. Still haven't had a comp from somewhere other than Utah or Idaho. She's really excited to be on a mission and has a desire to do the work which is great! She's way sweet and always cooks me breakfast and dinner. So I'm going to have find a way to serve her haha
There's a lot of work to be done here and a lot of organizing to do. I'm super excited! I'm way up north on the edge of the mission so I went from one extreme to the other. Being up north means it's not going to warm up as fast as it was down south in Dayton. Anyway that's all I really have for this week. I'm just trying to get my bearings here. 

My new address is 1344 Spring Village Dr Ontario, OH 44906

Love you!

Sister Clark

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