Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week #34 & 35

Well didn't get to have dinner with the Otts but we rescheduled for this Wednesday so fingers crossed! We're going to make playing cards but with the ten commandments and go in and play spoons or something with them after dinner. I hope we can teach their kids! It was kind of a slow week. We had to push back Tiffany's baptism date to March 1st because she needs to figure out what she's going to do with her fiance. She's super funny though. Since we've taught her the law of chastity she says she sees that word everywhere, like it's taunting her haha. And then we were showing her and the first video on the home page is the parable of the ten virgins and she was like oh my gosh that would be there. She's hilarious. We watched the Prophet of the Restoration with her and she had so many questions and she was like I know this is all true. She's just the best!
We've been getting a lot of media referrals but none of them ever come to be anything. We got 2 this week and they both had the same address. Different names and different phone numbers but the same address. And we realized that a previous referral had the phone number of the media referral we got this week! So somebody in Salt Lake is not doing their job right because the information is all messed up. Anyway we had this referral for this guy named Glen. He's in a war with the city of Huber Heights. It's lasted 25 years! They just give him random tickets all the time and they convicted him of 37 felonies! None of them were violent or immoral they were just stupid and the judge said if he pleads guilty he won't do any jail time. I'm not really sure why the police department hates him so much. He says he wakes up in the middle of night thinking of ways to get back at them haha and he's suing them for $10 million. His stories are so great. And he has 5 cats. Which, by the way, I think I might be allergic.
We had dinner with a less active family, who are the coolest people on the planet. So nice and they're all super crafty and artistic. You should see some of the paintings they have in their house. That they've all painted! And they have like a dungeons and dragons lair in their basement with a big table with a map on it and little figures and actual battle axes and stuff. It's so sweet. AND the dad hand paints all the little figures. They're no more than 2 inches tall and he paints them and puts them together. And he's obsessed with cats. He was just showing us cat memes all throughout dinner. They're just the funniest people and we're hoping we can get them reactivated.
We're going to start riding the bus! We got the schedule and everything. I'm so excited. So next week I'll have some pretty good stories I hope. We had quite a bit of success at the end of the week finding some potentials. Our whole Saturday was full of appointments. That's never happened to me before! Unfortunately, nobody was home for their appointments and we actually got members there. We did have dinner with Mariola and Joel though on Friday and we taught them the restoration and read the Book of Mormon with them and they really liked the Book of Mormon! They're going to keep reading it! One day they'll join the church I just know it.
We went to Brian and Angie's and Matt and Jill's last night during the super bowl hours because people in Ohio LOVE their football. Really, the superbowl should be a national holiday or a state holiday or something in Ohio because it's just not productive to go out and see people when a football game is on. They get really ornery. We invited Matt and Jill to the Valentine's dance the ward is having and they seemed pretty excited about it. Brian and Angie had their daughter and son in law there so we got to meet more of their family. Basically we're just building relationships with these people and Brian and Angie are like my adopted parents here. Of course both of them had the game on so Sister Loder got to see how bad Denver was losing. She was pretty upset. But we didn't really pay too much attention to the game because Brian always asks us lots of questions about the church when we're there. And he tells everybody about us so a lot more people know who we are! It's so great!
It was a whopping 48 degrees on Saturday. I didn't even need a coat! Unfortunately it all froze overnight and the streets were a sheet of ice but we survived. I think it's finally going to start warming up. Hopefully no more negative degree weather. Also I just really love the people here.
Love you!
Sister Clark 
Well my week was good. Hard, but good. We had our mission winter Olympics on Monday and I got to see Sister Hicken! And Sister Tueller gave me some sweaters haha it was really nice! We decided to ride the bus this week as a new way of finding. So Tuesday we set out to do just that. One problem. There's two stops: one for the south bus and one for the north bus. We were standing at the wrong sign and watched the bus drive past us. Good thing our car was just right there. So the whole bus thing didn't work out too well that day. But we did some 2-2-5ing and found a few potentials! In our, what we call, "dead zone". There was a house that had a chalkboard by the door to write messages so we drew the plan of salvation! Went back a couple of days later and it was all erased and the chalk was gone haha. Oh well! Gotta get creative! So Tuesday night the sister training leaders called us to inform us that they were coming to our area for surprise exchanges. Sweet. Good thing it dumped snow that night so all we had planned was to shovel snow. So Sister Buhler and I set out to find some driveways and this one lady asked us to do hers! She wanted to give us money but we said if she just gives us 10 minutes of her time that will be enough. She had a lot of great religious questions and she accepted everything we told her! Funny thing is I knocked on her door about 3 months ago and she was totally rude. Funny how service softens hearts! People just really don't like you on their doorstep. And Sister Loder found an awesome family shoveling snow as well!
Thursday we decided to try the bus again. Success! It's expensive, though. So don't know how often we're going to do it. We rode again on Friday and I ran into a former investigator! She said we need to come back! And we found two people that met with missionaries before and one almost got baptized. The only problem is they both live in Dayton. That's the downside of riding the bus since the route goes out of the mission we meet a lot of people out of the mission. Funny story about the bus. I'm always paranoid about getting off at the wrong stop because we don't want to walk forever to get back to our car. Well we got off a few stops early and we forgot where we parked the car since we caught the bus in a neighborhood. We walked around for 45 minutes looking for our car! We were so cold and poor Sister Loder lost the feeling in her toes. So our ward mission leader came to rescue us and then they took us to dinner. But we were thawing basically for the rest of the night.
Saturday we had a great lesson with Melinda, the one who we were afraid got offended at church, and she's totally fine! I'm pretty sure she has a testimony of the church and she wants to keep meeting with us! She thinks her husband is done, though. But he was glad that we kept reaching out to her because apparently that means we're real missionaries and we don't give up that easily haha he's a funny guy.
We had dinner last night with a family and the wife knows the Walkers! Her sister is married to Owen Jr.? And she was roommates with Candace McCain her senior year at BYU. Small world. We also found a part member family yesterday. Just knocked on their door randomly. Most days are really hard and pretty slow but there's always one little miracle we get out of each day and I think it's Heavenly Father's way of keeping us going.
Love you!
Sister Clark

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