Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week #36

Well this week has been crazy. No good bus stories. Monday night we were driving home and it was super cold and we passed this lady flagging down cars. Immediately Sister Loder says turn around and we both felt impressed to ask her if she needed a ride. She had a fake leg and was planning on walking home in the negative degree weather. She only lived around the block.  We handed her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she just started crying. She was so nice but too bad she probably didn't remember us the next morning.
We taught this great couple Wednesday night that are really open and just looking for what's right. Tyler said our church totally makes sense since it's not about which pastor is the best, it's just the same everywhere so he was really excited to come to church. Unfortunately their kids got really sick this weekend and they couldn't come :( But next week!
Our mission President came to Huber Heights Thursday night as well as the stake president and the sister training leaders for a stake correlation thing. So we had to get tons of appointments for everyone to go to. So stressful! But everything worked out okay. Except the part where Sister Jensen told President that I've hit a wall and he sat me down in the hallway and asked if I've been in a funk and then proceeded to lecture me. It was awesome.
We had dinner with Jessica and Kyle on Friday night and I think she might be ready to take the lessons again. Fingers crossed and everyone should pray for her because she would just be the best Mormon ever! Then we went to the ward Valentines Party because Tiffany was there and she's been making a lot of friends in the ward. She still doesn't know what she's going to do with her fiance but during Beyonce's single ladies song she got up and was dancing. It was hilarious! I love her. Robin told her friend that she always babysits for that she can't babysit on Sundays anymore because she wants to go to church. We just have the greatest investigators!
We had this insane ice storm Monday night and Tuesday it was in the 50's. Today is the warmest it's been in a long time! Ohio is thawing finally!
Funny story from this week we went to go visit a new move in and we asked if Justin Jennings was there and the lady said nope and immediately slammed the door. Then she yells "looking for a gosh dang man" to someone in the house except she swore and as we were walking away I was like well aren't we all?
We found a family this week! We're just trying to get a return appointment with them. I love Huber Heights! I just got the news I'm getting transferred. I think it's time, though because I've been here forever. It's time for some fresh blood and a new brain. I'm just really going to miss Sister Loder. She has been my favorite companion. Since we're the same person and we're just a party. Did I tell you that this Elder at zone meeting told us we're his favorite sister companionship and asked how we have fun and then this other sister leans over and seriously asks yeah how do you have fun? Sister Loder goes how do we not? Missionary work is just fun! Most of the time. There are still frustrating days.
We've seen a lot of success this past week I'm sad I won't be able to see it through for another transfer. And Sydney is going on her mission so I'll miss her farewell talk! This ward is just basically my family.
Well I love you lots and I love being on a mission. Thanks for the support. This gospel is true and this work is real.
Sister Clark

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