Friday, March 28, 2014

Week #41


Well this week started off really great. We did some tracting and found this awesome guy Tyson. He initially rejected us and then we just kept talking and pushed past the no and asked him again if he wanted a Book of Mormon and he said yes! Let me tell you, missionary work is like finding a needle in a haystack. It has been so hard to find people to teach! We helped Vickie move apartments and I am so grateful that you and dad taught me how to work. It's crazy how many people just stood around until someone told them what to do and I was just like let's go and get this done.

We've been running super low on miles because this area is just so dang big so we have to get rides as often as we can. Thursday we drove down to have lunch with President and Sister Nilsen at the mission home with the other sisters in the zone. We have had members at all of our lessons for the past 7 weeks so they rewarded us with Cafe Rio and he knows how to make the knock off stuff real good since, well, he owns the company. But did you know no one knows the official recipe?? It's locked in a vault somewhere. Crazy! So that was really fun. We got to ask him any question we wanted and it was just a really neat experience. I love them, they're so great. One sister asked how we can know at the end of the day if we've done enough and President just said if you sat down with the Savior at the end of the day, he would never be disappointed with your work, only grateful. Our nightly prayers should be prayers of gratitude. Sister Nilsen got a little emotional. But it was way cool to just have that time to actually get to know them.
Then Thursday night we had the most spiritual lesson ever! We went to see a potential, Heather, and we showed her a Mormon message about the Book of Mormon. I love using the media. It's so helpful. Anyway I was just so excited to tell her about the Book of Mormon and I've never felt that way my whole entire mission haha by the time we got in the car I was just out of breath and I just invited her to church out of nowhere. Unfortunately, she didn't come to church and we saw her yesterday and she's going to "stick with her baptist". The battle's not over yet. Sister Collins said she would still work on her.
Last night we had another lesson with Troy. We're still working on the smoking thing. He just won't quit, but he got himself an e-cigarette, which is supposed to help him smoke less and save money. And then he found out those things have some of the same ingredients as anti-freeze. People just shouldn't smoke. It's not good for you any way you look at it. But we watched Earthly Father, Heavenly Father (Mormon message) and he said something finally just clicked for him. Sweet!
Let me tell you about this ward, these people are faithful members of the church. And I have so much respect for the women in this ward. I can't tell you how many are divorced, on their second marriage, have a husband that's not a member or active, and they come to church faithfully. These are the strongest women I've ever met.
I love being a missionary! It's great! I can't believe time is getting away so fast.

Love you!
Sister Clark
Also just checked my status and my visa is authorized but not ready for collection yet. We'll see on Saturday if I get a call from the office.

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