Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week #24

Hi mom!
 Ready for my week?
It was freezing the past two days! The high was I think 29 degrees yesterday. I wore my fleece tights with my yoga pants underneath for extra warmth. And we were super bundled up. Yesterday morning we had to help our neighbor break into her car. She was this cute little old lady. Luckily her window was already broken. Miracle! So we got a coat hanger and fed it through the crack to roll down her window. Easier said than done. We were super late to breakfast and then 10 minutes late to stake conference.

We have a new investigator, Jay. His daughter is 8 and she really wants to go to church. His fiancee seems pretty on board too. We haven't had a chance to teach her yet though. Their schedules are crazy. We've also been visiting a less active Brother Thompson in the nursing home this past week. Let me tell you, those places are super depressing! But somehow he seems to just make light of it. He is the funniest person ever. The stories he tells... oh my. We also visited a less active who had cancer for 6 months and NOBODY from the church visited him. Sheesh. He was super active before so it makes me sad that he didn't get any visits and now he won't come back. We're going to keep working with him because he's a super awesome guy. Even though he told me my outfit was a mess....
Stake conference this weekend was awesome! President and Sister Nilsen came and spoke. She shared a really cool story from this convert from Rwanda who said something real profound that he learned in learning about the gospel. He said the world does not belong to us, it is only transit. Home is in heaven. What a super solid guy. I also really hope all of the members were listening to her talk because she told them it is degrading for a representative of the savior to knock on hostile doors. We are trained to teach, not find. Pretty blunt. I don't mind knocking on doors. It's just not effective whatsoever. We need help finding. Sister Hicken, and I are trying to come up with new creative ways to find because our president told the sisters we're not allowed to tract for 2 weeks. So far so good.
Ready for the big news? We got our investigator Charnelle to accept baptism for December 14th! Coolest lesson ever. Everything just makes sense to her and she just soaks up all of the information. She came to church yesterday and told Bishop she'll see him next Sunday. She also invited us to her baby shower.
Oh also I got sick on Friday randomly. I got super dizzy and light headed and hot and ended up throwing up. But then I was fine. It was weird. Just went on with the work.
I heard that they're no longer making calls to Brazil and if I don't get my visa by January I will most likely never get it. Oh well. I came to the realization the other day that maybe the Lord never intended for me to go to Brazil. I was called there initially so I could have the extra 6 weeks in the MTC, with the teachers and companions that I had. And I learned Portuguese to humble myself and to learn that I can do hard things. That if I can learn a language in 6 weeks, I can stick out an 18 month mission. And maybe that's all I needed in order to become the missionary I am. Who knows? Kind of a cool way to look at it though.
Well that's my week! I love you lots mom!
Sister Clark

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