Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #21

Hi mom!
My visa did not come. But it's okay. I threw myself a little pity party yesterday and then got over it. Sister Miller was like are you just so grumpy because you're stuck in Ohio? She always brings up how crappy it must be haha so I was just really frustrated yesterday and pretty much almost cried. I just want to be in Brazil. But there's obviously a reason I'm still here. 5 people in Sister Miller's  MTC district got their visas last week and are headed to Brazil. So the process is picking up. Did you know you can check my status online? Just google Brazilian visa status. An elder here did that and that way he knew his visa was coming. I have to have my passport number which I don't know so if you want to look that up in your free time be my guest! Or just email me the number. Thank you so much for the package!  The sweaters and tights and my coat are a LIFE SAVER! It's cold here. It's been down in the 40's low 50's and sometimes 30's. No snow yet though and I don't think it's on the forecast. Which is good. I have a feeling I'll be here for for Christmas. But that's okay I've accepted it. Nobody here wants me to leave anyway so I guess I take that as a pretty  big compliment. Sister Miller really doesn't want me to leave and same with Sister Jensen and Sister Hicken. They all pray for my visa but also pray that it doesn't come haha. Oh well. 
Well my week was pretty good. Monday we had FHE with the Millers at the church and one of the nonmember families that came said we could come over and talk to them about the gospel! We're stopping by this week. I'm super excited. The work is so much better with the members help! Tuesday we had zone conference. It was awesome! Really motivating. We watched this video of this kid who carries his teammate across a whole football field on his back while doing a bear crawl, blindfolded. And the coach the whole time is yelling don't give up, it's all heart from here, I need you, this team needs you. So it was a pretty sweet experience because the whole time I just pictured walking down the street with the savior  feeling his love. It was a good pick me up and made me realize that I really need to step up my game. Even though it's really hard and exhausting, physically and emotionally, it really is all heart from here and we can do hard things with the savior by our side. Later Tuesday night we had dinner with our new investigators the Dowlers. He reminds me a lot of Brett haha. I'm excited to teach them. Miracle this week: We went to go visit a less active and turns out a potential family lives there! The dad talked to us for about 15 minutes on the door step and really needs the comfort that the gospel brings! He said we could come back and teach them more about the plan of salvation and that his wife would most likely be interested as well. We're going to see them this week! Thursday was pretty awful. It poured allllll night. And of course we were tracting and I just got totally soaked. We had a pretty big wind storm that night. I think there was a mini tornado somewhere in the state. Friday night we had a lesson with Shane and Tia. Our new investigators! They don't really attend any church. She never grew up religious and he grew up baptist. We took a new convert, Sister Elrich and she bore an awesome testimony on the Book of Mormon. She said that if you pray about something and don't get a feeling, it means that you already know it's true in your heart. Light bulb! They said we could totally come back and teach them more. Sunday was a rough day, we only had 1 person at church. We had committed seven people! Kind of a bummer but we had an awesome lesson later that afternoon and were kind of just led by the spirit throughout the day. It's now dark at 7 so that makes it kind of hard to tract and go see people. Ohioans love to sleep! They all go to bed early. So we're still trying to figure out something productive to do when it gets dark. We were sitting in the car trying to figure out who to see and I got a thought to go see a referral we had tried to contact weeks ago. The dad was sitting on the porch! And when we walked up he said he's not interested right off the bat but I just pushed through that and we had a really good talk and he got more and more interested as the conversation went on. It was awesome! We gave him a card and said to call us because he still was kind of weary about having us come back but I'm so glad that I listened to that little prompting. Having the companionship of the Holy Ghost is so important in life! 
Well I think that's all. Wish I could have been there for your big work party! Did you get my card yet? hehe. 
Love you!
Sister Clark 

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