Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #22

Hello mother,
Well yesterday I was informed that Sister Miller's sister got her visa. What the heck?! I actually heard that all the south missions were getting theirs and Belem is kind of the problem. I don't know. I really only get sad or frustrated when people bring it up. I honestly don't think much about my visa but ALL of the ward members are like "heard anything about your visa?" I kind of wish everyone would just stop asking. Most of them say that I'm needed here and they don't want me to leave so maybe that's why they ask? To make sure I haven't gotten it haha. 
Well Bryce sent me an email basically telling me that I need to forget about my visa because it's distracting me from the work. I would just like to tell you, in case you're thinking the same thing, that it is not. I love Ohio and it makes me sad to think I could leave. Well really I love Huber Heights and I've grown close to a lot of the members and missionaries out here. No one wants me to leave haha. Sister Jensen prays that I don't get my visa. But I just want you to know that I really do love it here. English is nice. I'm able to express all of my thoughts and feelings without a language barrier. And hearts are prepared here. That's for sure.
We only have 2 weeks left of this transfer. Where is the time going?! This week just absolutely flew by. We've seen some success from our potentials we've found tracting. A few have had experiences with members of the church in the past and are really open. This week I've really seen the power in listening to the little promptings of the spirit. We were visiting a potential Wednesday night and I felt like we needed to knock on the doors of their neighbors. Lo and behold a less active/part member family lived there! Sister Werner had constantly told us that her husband is very strongly baptist and doesn't want the missionaries over. I didn't even know that was her house! But her husband sat in the room with us and actually participated in the conversation. What a miracle! And we had lunch with her the next day and she said we did a phenomenal job with her husband. A few things we said really hit him hard. He's in the air force and I thanked him for his service and she said that was great because he's "Mr. G.I. Joe" haha. She invited us for Thanksgiving dinner. NO missionaries have ever had success with her husband. I keep praying his heart will soften. Friday morning we went down to OSU campus for a new missionary training. The greenies got to go on campus and street contact. The trainers had to stay in the institute. I was so bummed but Sister Hicken had a great time. So that's good. And we ate at Panda Express after! Oh man it was delightful. Hadn't had Chinese food in so long! Saturday morning we participated in a service project with the ward and we were raking leaves for some senior citizens in the area. Our new friends, the Donnellys, said we can come over anytime we get homesick and she'll make us some popcorn haha. And Mr. Donnelly played with the Cincinnati Reds baseball team for four years! He has a world series ring! Pretty sweet huh? Later that afternoon we decided to walk up in some neighborhoods and we helped a lady catch her crazy loose dog. Guess what? She said they'll have to come check out our church even though they're pretty active in their church in Fairborn. So many miracles happen when we just are willing to help and serve other people! It's fantastic. We have a baptism on Saturday with our investigator Ray. We're working all week to help get him prepared. I'm pretty excited! We also had dinner with the Miller family last night and they told us to go see their neighbors. Mitch and Katie came to the Trunk or Treat and just loved it and Katie said we'll all have to get together at the Miller's and have a discussion. I promised her that just 15 minutes of their time will really bless their family. Members are the key to missionary work. It doesn't matter how many doors you knock on and how many appointments you have after that, all of my baptisms have been people who have come from members. I love this work and I love Huber Heights. Hearts are truly prepared here.
Love you!
Sister Clark 

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