Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week #25

Hi mom!
Yeah I'm still here. Didn't Sister Miller tell you that? Same address. 
Well I'm training again. We got the call on Monday and President broke the news. Sister Hicken and I were so shocked! We thought for sure we both would be staying or at least I would be leaving. Nope. Sister Hicken is now in Columbus and I'm still here in Huber. This will be my 4th transfer here. So I got a new missionary on Tuesday. Her name is Sister Loder and she's just like me. Really. Not even kidding. She's my same height and we basically have the same personality. It's weird. It's like being on a mission with your twin. But I love it. She's really great and she just gets everything and isn't afraid to jump in on lessons and she gave the spiritual thought at a member's house last night. She's so awesome.
Did I tell you we haven't been allowed to tract for the past 2 weeks? Which is good because tracting is really crappy and ineffective but now Sister Loder and I are trying to come up with new ways to find people rather than knocking on their doors. I think we're going to start riding the bus. Should have some interesting stories from that one! Oh also on Tuesday we forgot to pick up Sister Loder's bedding at the transfer meeting so we had to drive alllll the way back to Columbus. And it was snowing!
Thanksgiving was great here. We had 3 places to go. We saw Matt and Jill. Some former investigators invited them to the Christmas Party this Friday. Then we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Millers, Gustafsons, Stewarts, Tophams, and some of their friends who are nonmembers - The people we raked leaves for a few weeks ago! It was a lot of fun and we gave them our number so they can call us if they ever need help with anything. Then we went to the Stoddard's and saw Ray and had pie. Friday we had dinner with the Dowlers. They are the nicest people. I got a new bag from them! For free! And we taught Jenna the first lesson and she asked for a Book of Mormon. Good thing we had two on hand, marked and everything. We did service for her the next day and she said she already read some passages and really liked it and that we can teach her the lessons! We're going to continue doing service and helping her clean her house and teach her the lessons. They're pretty active in their church but that doesn't worry us. I'm singing this week at the mission Christmas party and at the ward Christmas party. Yikes! I haven't really picked a song yet either....
Well that's pretty much my week. Nothing too exciting. We're just trying to find people to teach. It's been unusually warm these past couple of days. I wonder if snow is going to hit.
Love you lots!
Sister Clark

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