Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week #26

It was COLD this week! Not as cold as Winnipeg I'm sure but it's cold. It was a weird week, but a good one! We have been so busy. So busy we haven't been able to see people that we want to see. I guess we should have gone on splits with the members...
Monday and Tuesday were super successful. We found quite a few people to teach and our investigator Jessica didn't drop us! Miracle! We just went into the lesson and started teaching her and she never brought up the conversation we had with her on Saturday. And we have an appointment with her tonight. She's halfway done with 1 Nephi. We also taught this older lady Diane who told us she's reading the Book of Mormon when we knocked on her door. So we taught her about where it came from and how the gospel was restored. She's pretty awesome. Then we met this lady Melinda who said she wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon and the gospel after we taught her the first lesson! She is super genuine and sincere. The only problem is that she works in Maryland... as in the state of. So she's only here on the weekends. Convenient. We went to Springfield on Wednesday for exchanges. So I got to see Sister Jensen! Then we had our mission Christmas devotional. I sang a song. It was a little messy. But the devotional was way good and I got to see Sister Hicken and Sister Tueller gave me a gift. It was really nice. Thursday night we taught Charnelle, who's on date for this Saturday, about the word of wisdom. She's pregnant so she's already living it and she has no problem with keeping it. I keep thinking that there's got to be some kind of catch because she is just so prepared and we found her by randomly knocking on her door! She'll be my first baptism that's come from tracting. Sometimes it works!
We helped the elders clean their apartment on Friday. They were moving and needed some serious deep cleaning in their old apartment. Boys are disgusting! They had 8 years of elders living in that apartment. There were so many marks all over the walls (including boogers.... yes, boogers), and cracks in the walls. I just don't know how they lived there. It actually made me grateful for our apartment. Even though we live in the ghetto and it wreaks of smoke. Also, the snow hit Friday. Our ward Christmas party was postponed. We helped Sister Miller and her husband take everything down and then they fed us Thai food.
Remember Floyd from all those months ago? We started teaching him again! I've been a lot more bold this past week. I'm just kind of sick of all the excuses people throw at us. For example the Springfield bishop doesn't want to do a 40 Day Fast in his ward because he personally doesn't believe in organized programs.... guess what i did? Told him how dad's been a bishop basically my whole life and how I know he is given the power to receive revelation for the ward. So I committed him to take it to the Lord and pray about it because then it will be coming from the Lord not anyone else. Sister Johnson will follow up. He shouldn't do the 40 Day Fast just because we as the missionaries ask for it but he shouldn't NOT do it just because he doesn't believe in programs. I thought he was going to fall over, but he said he would pray about it! Then Floyd told us that he doesn't want to miss the boat and he lets religious people in because "it could be Jesus". So I told him to look at my name tag and then I said "whether you believe it or not Floyd, the boat is here, we're bringing it". And he said "I know". I think we're actually going to make some progress here!
And it doesn't stop there! We met a lovely couple with a little 3 month old that are currently catholic but have a TON of questions about God and different religions and basically the plan of salvation. Things that we can answer! Holy cow this week has just been so great. It's kind of been like my first transfer here. We have just seen a lot of success. I hope President keeps Sister Loder and I together because we are going to tear it up here in Huber Heights.
I love this work and I love the Christmas season. We've been given the ultimate gifts. Heavenly Father gave us his son, and Christ gave us his life. What can we give in return? Bring souls back into the fold of God!
That's about it! The roads were a sheet of ice last night. Bring it on, winter.
Love you!
Sister Clark

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