Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week #11

Monday we saw Brandi, our investigator, and she forgot we were coming. She was drunk and on her way out to see a friend. Sweet. We talked to her for a bit and told her what our purpose as missionaries is. She thought it was really beautiful so we set up another time to see her.

Then on Tuesday we did service for a potential investigator, Abi. She has 6 kids! I have never been so grateful for a clean house in my life. You have no idea how many dirty, well, filthy, houses I've cleaned. Oh man it's hard work. But she was really grateful for it because she has no time to clean the house. She has a 5 month old and she works and so does her husband. She's a busy lady. Anyway she's Muslim but believes in Jesus Christ, so I don't know what that's all about and we taught her the plan of salvation and she loved it. We also talked to her about temples and how we can be with our families forever. But she doesn't want to get baptized because that would mean she'd have to convert obviously and she wants to be Muslim but she loves the gospel. I think she's confused.

Then on Wednesday we saw this lady Alicia who is baptist and loves the lord. She's black haha she's awesome. She really liked our message but said she was going to decline but if we ever wanted to come and praise Jesus her door is always open. She's great. Then we had a lesson with Delores who has just decided to move on campus at Wright State. So now she's going to the singles ward and the elders over there are going to teach her :( We're super sad but she does need to be in a ward where there are people that go to school with her.

That night we had some men from the ward come and give blessings to our investigator and her kids before they started school. The spirit was so strong in that room! And her daughter wants to be baptized but Ashley is still skeptical. And she won't come to church. I know she knows there's something good about this gospel, we just need to teach her a bit more and help her gain a testimony.

Then we had a lesson with Brandi, she had been drinking all day but we really got through to her. She's been through A LOT of stuff and she was sober drinking for 5 years. She said she doesn't know where to start and she has no support from her sister that she lives with and she's super depressed. We talked to her about the savior and his atonement and she was like are you serious? He's felt everything I'm feeling? We were like yes! She was blown away. So many people say they know about Christ and that he died on the cross but I don't think a lot of people really understand that he suffered for our sins and knows every pain we've ever felt. It's interesting. But we told her we're here to support her and we told her she's got to get her own place because it's such a bad environment in there. She said we'll take it one day at a time and she made it to church! She's been sober for 2 whole days. This past year she's been drunk everyday so that's a really big deal! She absolutely loved church and we told her about the temple and she is just in love with this gospel. I'm hoping she can stick with everything! I was super drained after that lesson. You know in the Book of Mormon when it talks about how someone is so overcome with the spirit that they sleep for 3 days? That's how I felt. But of course I can't sleep for 3 days. I wish. But we got to go to Jackie's after that, which always lifts my spirits because she's so solid. We taught her how to do family history and she has 5 generations in her family still alive. It's pretty incredible. And her grandma has already started with family history which is awesome. We want her to be able to take family names to the temple. She seemed pretty excited about it and when she was signing up she had to check the non member box but then she was like I get to change that in 2 weeks right? She's so awesome!

Saturday we had a lesson with Floyd and we brought Brother Bristow who related to him so well! They're the same age and Brother Bristow was baptist before he converted. He pretty much taught the whole lesson. It was awesome. I wish we had more members willing to come out to lessons with us. We walked around the neighborhood after that lesson. It was HOT on Saturday. We walked for 3 hours. It was really nice because we were able to stop and talk to people that we normally wouldn't get to talk to when driving a car. I want to walk more often first of all because it's good exercise and second of all you see so many people and people see you and know that you exist! It's great!

Then we taught George, who we haven't seen in a long time! His wife and daughter moved out last weekend, we were super surprised because his wife was the one who wanted the missionaries over in the first place. It's really sad. But he opened up to us a lot and he read out loud and prayed out loud! And he's coming to church next Sunday! It's been an exhausting week but I love this work! I need to be more outgoing and confident so that's my focus for this upcoming week. Oh also 2 sisters here in the mission who have been waiting for their visas for 4 months are leaving next Monday for Brazil. Things are speeding up!

Love you!
Te amo
Sister Clark

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