Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week # 10

It's been quite a week. We have 4 new investigators! Miracles are happening. On Monday we had a lesson with Floyd. He showed us all of his life's accomplishments. He's so humble haha. But one thing that was cool was that he got to see Jackie Robinson play for the Brooklyn Dodgers when he was a kid! He's a huge baseball fan. Floyd is pretty set in his ways with religion and we just can't seem to get through to him. He tried to drop us on Saturday but we're not having it! We'll give him another chance and we're just going to read the Book of Mormon with him next time since he says it's really confusing. We ate at Waffle House for the first time on Tuesday. It is so good! We went with a less active who is so sweet and calls us all honey. She can't go to church because her husband is baptist. A LOT of women members are married to baptists. I don't get it.
Miracles for the week:
We had a lesson with Ashley and she wanted us to teach her daughter the plan of salvation because she's been bullied at school and she thinks it will bring her some comfort. It was amazing! We told her she's a daughter of God and all about why we have trials and she wants to be baptized! Then one of the members, Sydney who's holding the teal purse in the picture, set up a chapel tour for her friend, Delores and it went so well. She had a huge smile on her face when we walked into the chapel. She also attended a baptism this week and loved the restoration DVD they played. She says she wants to be baptized when she knows what we're teaching is true! She is super prepared. Then we went to go see a former investigator and she has been through A LOT in her life. She met a member on a plane who sent the missionaries a year ago to her house and we showed up at the perfect time. She definitely wants us to come back and teach her. We also had dinner with a couple in our ward and the wife is less active.  She came to church on Sunday! What a miracle. Next thing we're going to do is get her to the temple. We also hit a break through with Jessica. She told us that she believes Jesus Christ is her savior and the next time we come she wants us to read the Book of Mormon with her so that she can gain some understanding. We're not giving up on her. She said she's not ready to be baptized but then she said YET. That's huge for Jessica! So we just have to be patient with her. She also told us she wants us to teach her niece, so we've started teaching her and she is super prepared. I think us teaching her will really help Jessica. One more miracle for the week: We met with a less active lady who said she wants to start coming back to church. And she wants to go to the temple! We're definitely going to get her there.
These miracles make all the hard moments worth it because we have had to drop our 9 year old investigator who gets no support from his mom, who is a convert. And the Filipino family we were teaching dropped us. I always say when we get in the car Satan: 1 Missionaries: 0. I keep score haha. One day I was just like, Sisters, Satan hates us. And it was actually kind of funny because the next day we had specialized training and President gets up and says Elders and Sisters look, Satan hates you. We were trying so hard not to laugh! Because it's so true! He does not want this work to progress so he's going to do whatever it takes to harden peoples' hearts and make it more discouraging for us. The other day Sister Tueller asked us if we got a phone call saying we had the option of going home, would we stay? It was a weird thing to think about. And I just said there's nothing at home for me right now. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I'm doing the most important work of my life. Why would I leave before my time is up? I love this work and I love when we teach people and they just get it and say it makes sense because it does! Everything about this gospel makes sense. And I just wish more people could see it! I love this gospel and I love the Lord.

 Te amo!
Sister Clark

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