Friday, August 2, 2013

Week #7

Well I'm in The Great Ohio. Apparently it's the best mission in the world. We'll see.
Well this week has just been awesome! The last night at the MTC was really good. We sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again as a district, those who were left anyway, and the elders made me sing the first verse by myself. Apparently they really like my voice. I miss all of them! We woke up bright and early and left at 2:30. If only the church knew that the Delta airline people don't get on duty to check bags until 4:30. We were waiting in line FOREVER! I sat next to this cute little Peruvian lady on my flight from Atlanta to Ohio. She kept asking me questions about the church and then kept asking where I would be in Ohio. I was about to give her a Book of Mormon until Elder Clark stole my thunder and gave her one. But the funny thing is that she looked at me and then I gave her a nod and a little nudge and then I took down her information and said I would come by and see her to teach her more if I was in the area. I gave the information to the assistants. So I got my first referral on the plane! Unfortunately, I'm not in her area. Hopefully she's open to hearing the gospel. I met my trainer on Thursday and I'm actually in a trio. My trainer has been out for 3 months and my other companion has been out for 5. We're a lot alike. And my trainer knows the Kidmans! Such a small world. She's from Shelley, Idaho. So we've really been working on going to see less actives, part member families, and former investigators. President doesn't like us to tract because it's ineffective and a waste of time. I agree. However, we did do a bit of tracting. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. But we do have 8 investigators and one of them is getting baptized! She is golden! I love her. She was a referral from her friend and on the first day she was like yeah of course I'll get baptized. I want everything my friend has. It's awesome! And we had 4 investigators come to church. The work is just moving along. Also, I believe in miracles. Apparently nothing was really working and moving here before I got to the area. The members are doing a 40 day fast and I think they're about half way through. But it's working! Peoples' hearts are being softened and we're having dinner with 3 less actives that I guess my trainer and her comp could never get hold of. Members are so important! This ward is so awesome. Church was great and all of the members are pretty missionary oriented. I'm hoping they're willing to work with us! Funny story: so yesterday we went over to a member's house to drop something off and her neighbor was their and she was the cutest lady! She reminded me of Minny from The Help and she was like Oh I can't see you down there in Brazil. And she made me recite the first vision in Portuguese and she said my voice was so soothing and that the language was really pretty. Then we told her the first vision in English and she was like I just feel so good! And we were like yeah you can totally feel the spirit. So then we said hey can we come by and teach you more and she just straight up goes "No." and then laughs. This member in our ward has been working on her for ages I guess and she just has no interest. But she knows so much and she's so awesome! She said I can come back and speak more Portuguese to her, though. Also, I guess there's a couple of Brazilian people in the area. I need to find them!!! We taught a Filipino family last night. Our lesson was super long but we have members that speak Tagalog so they translate for us. The dad asks A LOT of questions but he's actually starting to become more accepting of what we teach. The church is true! And I love Ohio. It's going to be really hard to leave because the people are so nice and it looks like Washington here and I love the Mission President! But I'm also praying for my visa every night.
 I'm loving it! I love this work and I love seeing the change in people.
Te amo!
Sister Clark

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