Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week #8


Well it was another beautiful week in the great Ohio and we have seen so many miracles! The ward fast is rally helping. Monday for lunch we went to Chipotle and the workers LOVED what we are doing out here. We got free drinks and chips! It was awesome. Then on Tuesday we had lunch with a less active. She knows how to cook a meal. It was delicious. She said she wants to start coming back to church. She and her family were really offended a few years ago. I hope she sees the light! Then we were out one night and Sister Tueller says we need to go see Matt. Sister Jensen and I were like uhhh who is Matt?! So we go see Matt and his wife Jill is expecting a baby and they're looking for a church to agree on to raise their baby. They are super prepared people! Jill looks and sounds just like Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette haha She's so cute! Then the next day we were going to see a potential investigator and instead we met Kristin who has been looking for a church to go to but she's too afraid to go by herself. So I was like perfect you can come with us! She's super excited. Her mom and sister want to come too. And then we went to see a referral from the Elders and this man has been looking for a church and wants to learn more about the gospel. AND THEN we saw another referral from the elders and this woman and her husband are all in and so excited to learn and come to church. People are just falling into our laps! God is real. We have been so blessed. The members are awesome. Most of our investigators are solid. We do have some that are really struggling though. We have one that's going back and forth between us and Buddhist. But she's really making sure she finds out the truth for herself, which I appreciate because she can't just take our word for it. The less actives are what make me the most sad though because at one point they had a testimony and then they just let themselves get offended. So many people have been offended! We've been explaining to them the blessings of church and how the people aren't perfect. People are going to make mistakes or be judgemental but we have to remember that the gospel is perfect, it's unchanging, and most importantly, it's true. If only people could realize that! It's so frustrating! We're just trying to be welcoming and inviting and show that the ward has changed a lot. Which it has because it's a military ward and people are constantly moving out and in.
So here's a funny story from the week: We saw this potential the other day and his dad came out to talk to us. This guy was a little crazy. He started talking about being prepared for Armageddon and using HAM radio and then he asked if we believe in the big bang theory. Sister Tueller goes yes! Sister Jensen and I were like uhhhhh and this man goes OK what is it? And Sister Tueller goes oh I thought you were talking about the TV show. Hahahaha you should have seen this guy's face! It was hilarious. Anyway he's trying to get us to get our HAM radio licenses and we're like sir, we don't have time for that. It was a very interesting conversation.
Well I sure do love you a lot momma! And I miss you! But don't worry, I'm not homesick and I don't plan on coming home until December 9, 2014. It makes me sad how many people Sister Tueller knows that have all gone home. She almost went home too. But I know why I'm here and I knew that this mission wasn't going to be "peaches and cream". I love it here! The people are very humble and I've come to appreciate a lot of things I had back home. I know this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind! Love you!
Sister Clark
P.S. Here's some pictures. There are corn fields EVERYWHERE! Sister Jensen and I bought a dozen ears of corn.... it was only $5! And it's all sweet corn. It doesn't need butter or salt or anything. Best thing I've ever tasted!

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