Monday, June 30, 2014

Week #54

Hi mom!

I think the sickness is from all the bad water. But I'm OK now. I drank coconut water and that stuff is magic. Makes you better in a heart beat. 

Well Monday and Saturday we had to stay in for the World Cup. I think Brazil is going to make it to the finals. The next game is Friday (so we'll get to hear fireworks on the 4th of July) and then after that I think there's only 2 more games. Thank goodness. 
Tuesday we met a lady that's already a member of the church! She said she met with missionaries and went to church in Manaus so we taught her the first lesson. Right before we were about to extend baptism she says, "I was baptized in your church." Huh?? We want to help her get reactivated and involve her family. 
We're thinking about dropping all our investigators and just starting over with people closer to the church because everyone we're teaching lives at the end of the world and they are just not progressing. Nobody came to church Sunday. We did have a miracle though. A member's girlfriend has been coming to church and she wants to get baptized. So she'll be baptized this Saturday. Pretty cool. 
We helped Denis and Suellem paint their house this week. Two days in a row. It was super fun. They have the cutest kids and I just love that family! And Suellem was baptized Saturday. She has such a strong testimony of the church. It's incredible. 
Thursday President and Sister Scisci called me to wish me a late happy birthday. Sister Scisci sang to me and President asked how I was liking Orixiina. He said if I don't like it, he'll move me closer to Belem. Ummm that' okay, I'll stay here at the end of the world. Oriximina is the farthest area in the mission, and the second hottest area. All the areas I've had both in Ohio and here have been at the edge of the mission. I've never once been close to the mission home. 
The language is coming along great. I still get frustrated sometimes but I'm grateful for the Portuguese that I can speak. It's kind of weird that I can speak another language. Every morning when I read the Book of Mormon I'm just surprised that I can understand almost all the words. The gift of tongues is real, I'll tell you that. 

Well that's about it for this week! Thursday we have to go to Santarem which means we have to take a boat over night and I'll be sleeping in a hammock. R110 to travel to and from there. So expensive. 

Love you! 
Sister Clark

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