Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week #52

I forgot to tell you that when I was in the MTC in Sao Paulo we got to go to the temple in Campinas! It's probably the most beautiful temple I've ever seen. But I don't have pictures because we weren't allowed to bring our cameras. Really lame. 

Thanks for the prayers. I really need them. Things are going good here. And yes I'm doing okay. My first week was really hard and I just wanted to go back to Ohio but I'm okay now. No tears this week. 

This week went by super fast. It feels like yesterday was p-day. I got some real nice blisters on my feet this week. I could hardly walk. It was super bad. But I'm okay now. We found quite a few new investigators this week and it's getting easier and easier for me to speak. And I can almost understand everything people are saying. Unless their old. Because the older people speak with their mouths more closed and I have no idea what they're saying. I'm still trying to adjust to the way they do things here in the mission. It's VERY different and sometimes I just really miss Ohio. And it also doesn't help that Sister Mendes never explains anything to me. 

The power went out 3 times this week. In the whole city. I think because of all the excitement for World Cup. Saturday night we were walking home and a lamp post blew. SIster Mendes started running and then the power went out. It was super scary at first because we were on the street but then we found some nice people with chairs and we sat and talked. It was actually pretty cool after a while. The moon hadn't risen yet so we could see a ton of stars. SO PRETTY. AND they have fireflies here!! Kind of awesome. Never would have known if the power hadn't gone out. 

Well I already have a pretty nice tan. It was really really hot this weekend. Oh and we're still teaching the Uai Uai family and they love me. Because I'm American. They made me sing them a hymn in English and Sabrina (the daughter) recorded it on her phone. Then they wanted me to pray in English and they recorded that too! Also everyone is in love with my mini fan. Fillipe (the Uai Uai dad) tried to buy it from me. I promised that I would give it to him when I leave. Because I think I might spend my whole mission here. I only have 4 transfers left and we just started one this week. I will definitely be here for 2 more transfers because Sister Mendes has been here for 5 so we think she'll leave next transfer and I'll stay and then maybe for my last 2 transfers I'll go somewhere else. Who knows. It's nice to switch things up in the mission. 

We have another World Cup game tomorrow. Last Thursday was crazy. Every time Brazil made a goal I could hear the whole city cheer and fireworks went off. I can see why we're not allowed to leave our house. Especially because also, 2 people died that night. One got hit by a motorcycle and the other was stabbed. 

Also, here, apparently I'm not supposed to step in the water on the street because it's contaminated. Sister Mendes JUST told me after I've stepped in it, oh i don't know, a lot of times. One of the members died from doing this. Soooo if I die.... I blame Sister Mendes haha. Also, in case you're wondering, there's no way of escaping drinking dirty water. Everyone gives us water and juice, from the tap. And that comes straight from the river. I think it's treated a little but not much. I just have a lot of faith. 

The food here is so good! And I'm in love with all the different types of juices we drink. I had Acai for the first time last Sunday. It's so bitter. I had to put 5 spoons of sugar in it, and after it was delicious. 

Well, I think that's all. Keep the prayers coming! Love you!
Sister Clark 

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