Monday, June 30, 2014

Week #53

Hi mom!

I'm alive don't worry. But I am sick today. I don't know what with. Sister Mendes said all Americans are sick for at least the first 2 months. So that's awesome. I'll survive though. Hey, happy fathers day! Last week? I totally forgot because we didn't celebrate it here. So tell dad for me!!! Also will you tell grandma and grandpa that I received their letter back in Ohio but I couldn't read the return address so that's why I never wrote back. Tell them hello and that I love them when they come to visit! 

I forgot to mention last week that we had a miracle at church. This girl showed up and she's dating a member and they want to get married in the church and she wants to get  baptized! Crazy huh: Reminds me of when we found Jackie. Just golden. 

Tuesday we had to stay inside again because of the World Cup. But it wasn't as crazy this time because it took about 2 hours for someone to score a goal. They ended the game still at 0-0. We have to stay in today too. I'm tired of staying in for the World Cup. It's so boring just sitting in our apartment! 

Funny story from Monday night. We watched The Restoration with Maurol e Ellim but when we got there, we realized they didn't have a DVD Player. So they went and borrowed one but forgot the cord. So Maurol had to get that, too. Finally, we were ready. Only to open the case and find that we didn't have the DVD! So we had to run back to our house and get the movie. Good ting we live close. Everybody was laughing at us. But they loved the movie! And we talked to them about Doctrine and Covenants because they have relatives that are members and Maurol sat and read a couple of pages while we were talking with the other people. He really wants this. Saturday Ellim prayed for the first time! She really opened up and even asked how marriage in the church works. What?! She's making progress, just need some patience. 

We have some really great people otherwise that we're teaching that are super prepared and really want to be baptized. It's awesome. We also have an investigator that loves to hear me talk. Don't know why... its kind of awkward. When I teach she just looks all googly eyed. Shes like, 85. So I always teach our lessons with her. 

Oh also everyone thinks it's really cool that I know how to drive a car. 

Denis and Suellem got married Saturday night. it was perfect. They looked so happy and I just wanted to cry! Suellem will be baptized this Saturday. She has such a strong testimony of the church. 
Love ya!
Sister Clark 

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