Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #19

It's freezing! It's been rainy and cold most of the week. I thought my hands were going to fall off. Apparently it's going to snow on Wednesday. I might need to buy myself some boots. Well my trainee is Sister Hicken. She's from Kamas, Utah. Basically Park City. She's super sweet and I love her! We balance each other out really well. She's super personable too. She just lights up at the door and while most people aren't interested, they're at least a little nice. We have 7 missionaries in our ward. How crazy is that?! We had dinner with Cora Louis this week. I love that family. She's so much happier. We've been doing a lot of 2-2-5ing and tracting. We met a lady that has a copy of the Book of Mormon and is currently reading it! Huh?! She's going into the hospital this week and said we could come back in about 4 weeks. Then we met another lady that took 3 of our cards and said she would pass them along to people. Huber Heights is great. We met a girl named Cece that reminds me a lot of my friend Brianne. She goes to a nondenominational church but she invited us in and asked us so many questions. We're going back this week to talk to her more. She has a friend that just converted last year. Remember Steven who I thought was so prepared? I think he got antied. His parents were in town this past week and we haven't been able to meet with him and then he told us to just focus our time on someone else. I'm super sad. But on the bright side Jessica said she would get baptized when she comes to know that all of this is true! And we met a part member family that reminds me of Paul and Katy Behan. Jeremy is a member and is thinking about coming back to church. His wife is super nice too and they have a little boy. With good fellow shipping I think we'll get to teach his wife. They're having us over for dinner on Wednesday. Saturday was a day of miracles! We were so tired Friday night and couldn't think of a lot of things to do so we had a lot of blank spaces Saturday but we never wasted a minute! Everything just worked out the way it was supposed to and we were just totally guided. We got to meet a lot of people. The Millers fed us Brazilian food again last night. So good! And he can make those little cheese balls from Tucanos. I can't wait to get there. I'm definitely going to be here for another 6 weeks because we're on the same transfer schedule as my mission in Brazil. I think I'm going to have to go buy some boots. I'm getting antsy to go to Brazil but I know there are people that I'm here for. Brent came to church again and stayed for Sunday school! We have some really solid investigators that I want to see baptized before I leave! I love this work! Even on the cold, rainy, long, hard days. It's worth it!
Love you!
Sister Clark

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