Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week #18

Hey mom!
Well this week was busy. We've been teaching Brent but he's very hard headed and has a lot of questions. Questions are good but sometimes I wonder if he just likes to argue. We have a new investigator Jessica, who is hilarious! We showed her the restoration DVD and she was like "that just makes sense". I love hearing that! We watched The Prophet of the Restoration with Kate and Corie and their dad watched it with us! The whole thing! And he loved it! And wants a copy of the movie so they can watch it again! Good thing we have 2 copies so we just gave them our extra one. We also had lunch with a less active. She just texted us out of nowhere and invited us over! They just bought their house and have to do some remodeling so we're going to help her with that. Her husband and daughter are not members. We have a new investigator, Steven, who we met a couple of weeks ago while tracting. We've been back a few times but no one ever answers the door even though they're home! So Wednesday night I felt like we need to go try again. He was home but I was really nervous to go knock on the door just because we've been back so often. I didn't want him to come out and get annoyed and tell us to go away. We almost didn't get out of the car! But then I got over myself and went up and knocked. He answered! He said his girlfriend is afraid to answer the door because they have a drug dealer that lives on their street but he was really hoping that we would come back! We talked with him on his porch for about half an hour. He has a lot of questions that we have answers for! I'm super excited to go back. His girlfriend is interested too and they have a little baby girl. They're really prepared. I can't believe I almost didn't knock! The people we're most afraid to talk to are usually the people who are the most prepared. Also we had dinner with Mariola and Joel again! He had so many questions and he basically made us bear our testimonies the whole time. It was great! They told us they love the spirit that we bring into their home. And Joel doesn't really even agree with most of the catholic beliefs. He pretty much believes the same as us. I want them to get baptized so bad so they can have all the happiness the gospel brings!! I really really love that family. Also our investigator Ray is getting baptized in November!
Kate and Corie got baptized on Saturday. It went great! They couldn't stop smiling and Cora, their mom, is so happy. Now we just need to work on her husband. He's getting there, slowly but surely. His heart is softening.
I got my first flat tire on my mission! We had to have a member come help us change it. Also we were driving last night and there was a horse walking on the road! We almost hit it! SO scary! And we pulled up later that night to a car accident. I'm pretty sure it happened maybe 15 minutes before we got there. There were a lot of people pulled over already helping but it was pretty intense. Also, a less active that we've been working with died of a heart attack last night. Sister Tueller took it pretty hard. They were really close since she's been here for 6 months.
I proudly write to you this week mother and tell you that I've really grown a love for Sister Tueller over these past 6 weeks. It took a lot of patience and changing on my part.  But if one of us gets transferred I'll be sad to split up. We actually do have fun. I really like her as a person.
Anyway I think that's about it. We find out transfers today so I'll send you a letter and tell you whether or not I got transferred.
Love you!
Sister Clark

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