Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week #17

This week flew by! On Tuesday we rode bikes! It was so fun! Well... I had fun. We met a few potentials from tracting and have appointments with all of them this week. And we're starting to teach a member's neighbor. Let me tell you, I'm so grateful for the conference talks on missionary work because the work moves much faster with the members. I especially loved Elder Ballard's talk where he was like "a lot of you are probably saying oh no not this topic again!" Well obviously the members just don't get it! I am so tired of tracting. We have to do it obviously because we have to find people but it's ineffective and frustrating. We've come up with a new plan to get the members more involved. We're going to make copies of a CD called "The Missionary Next Door". We're going to challenge them to listen to it and then invite someone to a church activity or dinner with the missionaries or just send us over there. It's a really good talk by this lady whose family was so involved in missionary work that they baptized over 30 people! See if you can look up the audio online or else I'll send you a copy of the CD. It's so good!
It was pouring almost everyday this week. I had to buy an umbrella. It's been warm though, except today it's decided to drop to the 50's. I thought Utah whether was bipolar. Try Ohio. It was 80 last week.
We have a new investigator named Brent. He is awesome. He cried when the member that came with us to the lesson bore her testimony. We invited him to the Millers' home for conference and dinner. He didn't come for conference but showed up at 6 for dinner. He got held up on a job and wanted to know what he missed from conference. The Millers are awesome. They just welcomed him in and made him feel at home. We've finally found someone that will keep their appointments! We're also teaching Ray who is starting to develop faith in Christ through reading the Book of Mormon and praying. And the Stoddards, a family in our ward, gave him some things to read in the Bible since he's never read it. He says he wants to get baptized. On Saturday night we met a guy that says he doesn't go to church right now because he believes there's something more than what's contained in just one book. Meaning the Bible. WHAT?! I was so excited and whipped out a pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. He said he'd read the pamphlet but wants to do his searching on his own without anyone else's influence. Which I totally understand. He was way nice and pretty excited by the fact he could get a free Book of Mormon sent to him.
Yesterday morning we got locked out of our apartment. The office was closed and it was pouring. We said a prayer and decided to try the back door. Locked. Then Sister Tueller pulls out a bobby pin and unlocked the door! It was a miracle!
Cora and her girls came to conference at the Gustafsons. Kate and Corie are getting baptized on Saturday! Cora was in tears the whole time she watched conference. I'm so happy she's coming back to church. I absolutely love this area and love this work! I love seeing the change the gospel brings to peoples' lives.
Love you lots mom!  Transfers are next Tuesday. We find out Monday.
Sister Clark

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