Monday, July 21, 2014

Week #57

Hi mom!

I don't even know where to start with this week. So I guess we'll start with Monday. We had our zone p-day. It was way fun. We played volleyball and futebol and lots of games and President Scisci showed up to start interviews. He was very funny about it, though. He didn't want us to miss out on playing volleyball haha. So I had my interview and it went well. The only thing is that he asked about my health and of course I couldn't lie because, well, it's been pretty crappy. Especially since Monday I threw up 6 times. So who knows if he'll transfer me closer to Belem. I hope not. So Monday night President wanted to take me to the hospital. All I wanted was a blessing and sleep but instead we went on a little adventure to the ER. I never want to do that again. The hospital there is exactly how you're imagining it probably. Not very clean. So we were there for 2 hours and then we went to a different hospital. There I received an IV with some vitamins and they gave me medicine for stomach pain. Sheesh. I wasn't even that sick. And I wish I had brought my camera. 

Tuesday we had zone conference and I took medicine that morning so pretty much I was half asleep for most of it. And we were sitting in the front row. How embarrassing. But President and the zone leaders talked about the importance of working hard and being obedient. I guess our numbers having been low here in the mission. President is thinking about taking out one of set of sisters in Oriximina because the members aren't working with us and guess what? We have 700 inactive members in the city of Oriximina. We should not be baptizing here. We should be reactivating. So either President will take out a set of sisters or close the area if things don't change. 

So anyway Tuesday night we traveled back to Oriximina with.... a washing machine! Finally! And some new fans and mattresses. I'm finally sleeping in a bed. Que bençao. 

So basically we're still just trying to find. Nobody is progressing. And it doesn't help that we've been out of Book of Mormons for 3 weeks. It's so hard to get proselyting materials out here. 

We have an awesome investigator who came to church Sunday. When we told him bout a living prophet he got super excited and asked for his phone number or email. He really really wants to talk to him. We told him we'd talk to President.... we didn't really know what to say. 

Story for this week: We were teaching a lesson one day and in the middle of the lesson I looked across the street just in time to watch a man smack his two year old in the face and I watched him hit the ground. Nobody did anything. His dad rode off on his motorcycle and the poor little boy was just crying and crying and nobody did anything. I don't understand how people can do that. Sister Mendes and I could not focus so we ended our lesson. But as we were leaving one of the men that was listening to our message shook my hand and started to talk bout how beautiful I am and blah blah blah and then he held my hand and started walking! So I let go to shake hands with everyone else and then he asked if he could call me. Uh...... no..... Everyone here shouts at me because I'm blonde. I think I'm going to dye my hair. 

So it's been quite a week. We find out Saturday about transfers. 
Oh also Sister Salazar saw a picture of Brett and she wants to marry him haha. Do you think he would like to live in Peru? She said he'll eat really well hahaha. 

Love you!
Sister Clark 

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