Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week #56

Bon Dia!

I can't believe Robert is home?! That's insane. It's going to be so weird when I get home and everything will be so different. 
Well I have no idea where to even start with this week. We got to watch the world cup Tuesday against Germany. Well, that game was just embarrassing. 7x1. I can't even believe it. Brasil did not show up to play. There were tons of riots in the capitals all over Brasil. I heard in Sao Paulo they set a bus on fire. Brasilleiros love futebol. Everybody was crying and Sister Mendes was miffed. And I was just sitting there like..... it's just a game. And Germany played really well. Oh well. I'm pretty sure Brasil lost because all the missionaries in our mission were allowed to watch the game. So culpa de quem? Presidente Scisci. 

We had lunch with some nonmembers Tuesday and we taught them the plan of salvation because they lost their son. The wife said she had a dream about him and the spirit world and it was exactly like I had described it to her. The plan of salvation is real. My testimony of it grows more and more every time we teach people because it just makes sense. 

We've just been really busy trying to find and teach. Basically we just contact all day. Josiane was baptized Friday and confirmed Sunday. We were really busy this week getting her prepared for baptism. I think she'll serve a mission. She is so smart and has a great testimony. 

Saturday we had two guys come up to us and ask us what church we were from. I just kept walking because this happens a lot and usually it's not good. Just men trying to harass us. But then one of them was like "oh sorry, I just want to learn more about your church and I want to change my life". Huh??? So he came to church yesterday and we also brought his sister and his brother in law. We just asked them that morning and they loved church! Then we returned later in the afternoon and taught them the restoration. It was awesome. I'm really excited to teach them. Only problem is none of them are married but have families. So we'll have to get them married. Nobody gets married here.
 I'm writing you from Santarem because we have a zone p-day today and zone conference tomorrow. Which means last night we had to get on the boat again. I'm going to buy a hede here because it's less expensive. R50 means more or less $25. I do not like sleeping on the boat. It's so crowded and you can't sleep. Plus when we arrived in Santarem suddenly we had a huge storm. It was insane. They don't call it the rainforest for nothing. So we'll be in Santarem for 2 days and then return Wednesday either by barco or lancha. We don't know yet. I think that's it. Only 2 more weeks left of the transfer.
Love you!

Sister Clark 

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