Monday, April 21, 2014

Week #45


This week was the best week ever! 

Okay first of all, Sister Sender informed me that the transfer in Brazil is a week earlier than I thought soooo I might be leaving sooner? Also Elder Clark told me that I will be going to the MTC for 2 weeks before they send me out in the mission field. Just to brush up on my language. So that'll be fun. Hopefully I'm in America for Mother's Day. I should probably find a mosquito net and an adapter haha.

Okay this week was awesome. Totally makes up for last week because last week was just... awful. 

It's finally Spring in the great Ohio! Nice and warm and sunny and green and perfect. I think I have allergies. I was sneezing for 5 days straight. But now I'm fine. 

We had interviews with President on Tuesday and we had the best training from Elder Flanders on overcoming negative thinking. And I forgot my notes on it so next week I'll have a better insight. But it was just what I needed to hear because it's seriously so easy to just think negatively. No one likes us, we have no one to teach, the members don't do anything blah blah blah. One of the biggest thoughts is nobody wants to listen. And Elder Flanders was like you're right, nobody does want to listen to you. People want to talk so start asking questions! It was awesome. We had dinner with Vickie later that night and she wants to be baptized! She knows it's true and it's what she needs to do! 
Wednesday was awesome! We got a text from our investigator Karen, that she wasn't feeling well and couldn't meet. We went anyway and pretended like we never got the message. Good thing we went because she's getting baptized on May 10th! She brought up the whole baptism thing all by herself and she wants her son who is a recent convert to fly up and baptize her. It's going to be awesome. She just has to come to church... Then we went and saw some formers who we've just been building a relationship with and she was so hard-hearted and stubborn and Sister Hibbert asked if they wanted to take the lessons again and they said yes! We have such a big teaching pool now we really don't have to spend much time knocking doors or finding. 

Thursday we saw Liz, Angelica's friend. Angelica has been dodging us so we've put Liz as more of a focus. She is super sensitive to the spirit. She gets her answers to prayers mainly through dreams and when we went to see her she was like there is truth to what you're telling me. It all makes sense. Then she told us about this dream that she had of the spirit world and she saw her aunt who has passed on and she asked her aunt if she (Liz) is going to hell because the way she's living her life. Then her aunt said"oh honey, it is not how you were taught. You are going to be just fine". I just didn't have anything to say after that because then Liz was like, "once I remembered that dream and remembered what you had shared about the plan of salvation, everything clicked". We extended baptism and she accepted. Of course she said she won't be ready until she hears more of the lessons we have prepared for her. And she's coming to church this Sunday! Last week she was hesitant, this time not so much. 

We have just been so blessed this past week and I know it's because we worked diligently, even when it seemed impossible and even when our zone leaders were breathing down our necks. 

I'm playing tennis today with Sister Engh, a less active. We saw her Friday and helped her do some yard work. She felt bad because we were in our skirts haha. But she was really grateful we had stopped by. She's so funny. She was active until the ward split and then she just stopped going. She used to be the missionary meal coordinator and I told her that we need her! And then she was like, well you have to go to church to do that. Uh yeah! We're going to get her to church. She's too awesome to be less active. 

Oh happy Easter by the way! Yesterday we ate at the Breedlove's and we had lamb. Oh it was so good. Sister Breedlove is the best cook ever. She runs a close second to Brother Bristow's cooking in Huber Heights. I am still full. We had lamb and potatoes and soup and bread and asparagus and cake and cheesecake and yeah I ate a lot. It was delicious. 

Love ya!
Sister Clark

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