Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week #32

Hi mom
I'm excited the Seahawks are in the Superbowl! The only problem is that they're going against Denver and Sister Loder is a die hard Peyton Manning fan and she hates the Seahawks with a passion. She's a huge football fan and she was like I might not talk to you that day. Sweet. So although I love the Seahawks can you just pray that Denver wins so I don't have to deal with a moody companion? Thanks. I haven't had time to go get fingerprints. It's so annoying. And everything was closed yesterday of course since it was the holiday which is why I'm emailing today. With all this paperwork it makes me really want to get to Brazil because I feel like there's actually hope! But there's just so much paperwork. And I'm so sick of the cold. It's snowing again today. I'm pretty sure I never want to see snow again in my life. This last week was really hard. I was a little homesick.
The airforce museum was really cool. They had a lot of war history stuff and just a ton of planes. I probably could have spent days there. We had dinner with a part member family Monday night. The ones from Washington and we did service for her later this week. They are the nicest people so we're just trying to build a good relationship with them and then hopefully we can start digging a little deeper and talk to them about the gospel. We had a great lesson with Tiffany on the word of wisdom and law of chastity. She lives with her fiance so that's going to be a bump in the road to baptism. She has no problem with the word of wisdom and knows she should be living the law of chastity she just doesn't know how to go about talking to her fiance about it. He's out of town for the next 3 weeks so technically she's living the law of chastity for 3 weeks! haha. We had dinner with our new investigators Brian and Angie. Their CFO was Mormon and gave them a Book of Mormon a long time ago and they asked us a lot of questions and we ended up teaching the restoration and they were thinking about it a lot and were like "that makes sense". They told us they're adopting us haha they are the nicest people. Then we had a great lesson with Melinda on the plan of salvation and she's setting up an appointment this week with us and her husband because he'll have the weekend off and she said they're all going to come to church! She came this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. The talks were way good! And then she told us that just before she was going to talk to her husband about the plan of salvation he said what if there's a heaven for really really good people and then if you were just an okay person you go to an okay heaven and so on and she was just like are you serious? That's kind of what the missionaries told me... and he was like oh no does that mean I'm Mormon? I'm really excited to meet him. He just doesn't want to give up his beer and coffee. But we're gonna get him.
Other than our great lessons it was a really slow week. Nobody was home. Or they were and they just didn't answer. I was getting pretty frustrated because it was really cold and snowing and we weren't having any success and I just didn't feel like a missionary. And we met a ton of less active people who just want nothing to do with the church. I'm hoping this week will be better. We've already gotten 3 media referrals and we met a super awesome less active family last night that we're going to reactivate! That's one of our goals for this transfer.  
Well I love you a lot and thanks for your prayers. Some extra ones would be appreciated :)
Sister Clark

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