Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week #31

Hello mom!
On Saturday it was 50 degrees! I didn't even have to wear a coat! Today it's pretty warm too. A whopping 45 :) We're going to the airforce museum today as a district. I'm super excited!
 We had a lesson with Melinda and we told her about the temple and eternal families and she was like I'm writing that down! She also said she finally noticed the sign in DC for the temple that says "LDS Temple" with an arrow. If that's not a sign that this is all true I don't know what is! We asked her if she'd be baptized when she comes to that knowledge and she said yes! We're teaching her and her husband the plan of salvation next week. So just everyone pray really hard that he'll have an open heart! I really want to baptize a family. We have several that we're working with! We had a freak snow storm Thursday night. So random. Ohio has the weirdest weather. Also Tiffany's getting baptized! We set a date for February 8th. She's really nervous and doesn't think she'll be ready but I know we can get her prepared by then. She's so awesome she cries in all of our lessons and we had her pray right then and there if she should get baptized and she just started crying and said the best prayer ever! And then she said it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. We took her to a relief society activity later that night and the members were awesome! Nickel auctions are fun! I got some earrings and a necklace for $1.50. Originally it was $25! And the best part is that the nickel auction was at Mariola's and we're having dinner with her and Joel sometime this week!
Saturday we did service for the Dowlers again. We cleaned their living room/office space and just started throwing everything in the trash bag. Jenna told her kids that's what she's going to start doing anyway is just starting over and throwing everything out. She was really excited that we came to help her out. She works all the time so she just never has time to clean and I think she gets really stressed out. Also she left her church. And she's going to come see the baptism this Saturday and come to church next Sunday. I'm really really excited! They're the best people.
Ray got the priesthood last Sunday! I forgot to mention that. He is awesome. And he's the coach for the young men for church basketball. And he blessed the sacrament yesterday!!!! And he said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting. He's progressing really well. I love seeing people who are baptized stay active and move towards the next ordinances like getting the priesthood or going to the temple. That's what measures a true conversion and a real convert. It's the best thing ever.
Well I love you!
Sister Clark

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