Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week # 60 & 61

Week #61
Guess what I learned to make?? Pão de Queijo! Remember the cheese balls at Tucano's that Jordyn loves? I will make it for her when I come home. Also popcorn on the stove. I'm a pro. 

Monday morning the zone leaders called to tell us that if we didn't make 100 contacts this week President Scisci would call us. So we made a goal to talk to everyone and really made it a focus. Well, we made 102 contacts. We had FHE Monday with Denis and Suellen and their family. We watched The Testaments and their oldest son who's 11 cried at the end. I love that family. So we were full of the spirit when we left and we decided to contact their neighbor that was sitting outside. Only thing is I didn't realize he was sitting in a towel.... there goes the spirit. 

Tuesday we cut open some coconuts and ate the inside. It tasted like almonds. Basically we just had days of contacting and appointments falling through. It was a very long week this week. I've never been so tired on my mission. And the sun is getting hotter now. It's starting to burn my eyes. I don't think I can wear contacts. So we were working so hard to find people this week. Although a lot of appointments fell through, we have some pretty great investigators. One of our investigators received an answer that the church is true! We just have to help her recognize that now she needs to act. We're teaching 2 families. They just have to get married.... and it's always the men that say they don't want to make the wrong decision. Get married and then 5 years down the road are unfaithful or want a divorce. Years and years together and children and they're STILL unsure? It's actually really sad. I feel bad for the women. 

We had our first English class Wednesday. It was really fun and we had quite a few people. 5 non members came! I prayed in English and it was really hard. I don't know how to speak English anymore. What's it going to be like when I get home?! 

Yesterday we went on splits with members and I went to see a man that the other sisters found. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it! He said he feels that this is the right path. Only problem? His "wife" (they're not really married legally) talks FOREVER. She talks about stuff that's completely irrelevant. And then they started fighting. This happened after I invited him to say the closing prayer and she started talking about how he needs to ask for forgiveness and blah blah blah. Finally I yelled (because they started to fight again) "someone has to pray! We have another appointment". Oye. We're going back again tonight. 

Also they have a dish here in the state of Para that is made with a poisonous plant. They cook out all the poison. I ate it on Saturday. It wasn't too bad. They also eat Piranha. That's the next thing on my list to eat. 

It was a really slow and hard week. And pretty much all I could think about is what are we doing wrong? What did I do wrong to deserve this? Basically just throwing myself a little pity party. But really, missions are not supposed to be easy. What reward would it be if the mission was a breeze? Christ's mission definitely was not easy. Why should it be any different for us? The important thing is even though it's difficult, we stick it out. For 18 months, for 2 years. Why? Because this is the truth. Because we don't want to arrive in the Celestial Kingdom alone. Because this is true happiness. Eternal happiness. This is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt about it. 

Love you mom. I will pray for the business! 

Sister Clark  

 Week #60
I finally bought a hammock! I'm going to use it in our new house because we're probably going to move. Into an ACTUAL house. It's so cute I'm really excited. We have a coconut tree in the backyard.
OK this week was kind of long. We're basically STILL starting from scratch because we want to focus on the area closer to the church. So this week was full of contacts and appointments that fell through. Good thing I'm already used to that thanks to Ohio. We had an awesome lesson Monday with our investigator Luiz. Denis and Suellen came and she shared her conversion story. The spirit was super strong. It was awesome. We're still working on baptism with him. He hasn't come to church for the past 2 weeks. This has been our biggest challenge - getting people to church! 

We received a referral from a member. A family! (not officially married) but they're awesome. They're reading the Book of Mormon and ask lots of questions - except they didn't come to church.... 

I have to do some more paperwork for my visa. So that's kind of annoying. We travelled to Santarem Wednesday night. Sister Oliveira and I bought a camarote. A little room with a bunk bed. So we didn't have to sleep in hammocks! It was awesome and it even had air conditioning. We had zone meeting in Santarem Thursday and we talked about using our time more wisely and effectively. It was a really good meeting. After we returned to Oriximiná on the lancha!

We're working with a member's mom right now trying to baptize her. She's always at church and loves it and loves all the people. She's really old though and forgets a lot of things so our lessons are always interesting and a little funny. She just repeats a lot of stuff. But when it comes to baptism she is super serious and finally said she would pray and think about it! So we'll see. it's my dream to baptize an old person because they're so stubborn! 

Saturday we were on the radio! We got invited to talk about what we do. It was awesome. We're going to a different station Tuesday, also. And Wednesday we're starting an English class! We've been inviting EVERYBODY and the whole town is excited. 

Funny little story of the week. Sister Oliveira wants to learn English so I decided to talk about my family with her to see if she could understand. Well, turns out I forgot how to speak English. I was talking super slow and mixing in Portuguese. It'll be interesting when I come home. 

More Americans will arrive in the mission next week so we'll be having a mini transfer. Who knows what will happen or if Oriximiná will be effected.

Well I sure love you mom and thanks for always supporting me! 
Love Sister Clark

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